Help! I love boobs

Escorts from Kingston fully appreciate that many men have a boob fascination. Men from all over the world seem to be fascinated by the size of a woman’s breast. Some men like them big but others like them small. There just doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. I sat down and spoke to a […]

The Fountain Of Youth: My Experiences With The Inexperienced

I don’t always get with very attractive women, but when I do, they always seem to be younger than me. It must be something about that added experience and maturity that drives them into our arms; either way, I cannot explain why; but it’s simply so invigorating to be with one younger than you. And the experience! Nothing else compares. So, when I was on a trip for business and I stopped for a drink in the hotel lobby and I saw her, I just had to let her do what she was destined to ask.

You’ll never feel as alive as you do when you’re with someone that you feel a little bit of guilt and shame with, and it’s very difficult to imagine your feelings in the very situation than you are placed in; it’s very unique and really enlightens your mind. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alive in my life.

I’m getting up there in years, I guess, but I don’t consider myself old. I’ve began graying, I’m thinner than I used to be, and I definitely am fitter. I was never much for fitness in my younger days, but these days you just have to invest more in your health and getting in shape; especially when attractive women just pounce on you. Honestly, I never used to be a ladies magnet- but it just gets easier and easier as I age- like a very fine wine.

She was about 5’10″; I always liked shorter women, but she definitely knew how to engage a man. I could tell that she was nervous- despite her calm demeanor. I could always tell that in a woman, no matter the situation I knew when I could cut the tension with a knife and spoon feed her some loving. It wasn’t even a challenge- we got drinks but not drunk, I walked her up to my room at the hotel I was staying at, I pushed her down on the bed and pulled her red dress over her shoulders and down her body as she caressed my face, stubbly from not shaving.

As we got closer and closer I could feel her heartbeat and it excited me to extremes that I cannot describe. As I felt her satiny skin against mine, I simply couldn’t help but feeling hungry for my youth but explosive too- as being older brought me power over this young thing, naked in front of me. It was very, very invigorating.

A true gentleman never tells his entire story with a woman- there’s a certain amount of respect that a person should have that should never be breached and this is the case on this story. The moral, however- if you are ever approached by a sweet, young woman- take her embrace, you definitely won’t regret it.